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Cancer treatment, treatment requires modern and costly equipment and facilities. The people of Fahim, with the culture of the province of Guilan, have been barred from having adequate and up-to-date facilities for the treatment of cancer patients, and in many cases they had to undergo treatment in other provinces or in Tehran. Due to the close relationship between the doctors treated with the patients and the fact that there were many problems in the patients, it was decided that the central part of the population of Gilan with modern facilities and facilities for the treatment of cancer patients should be established with the efforts of colleagues and Several years of difficult work, and in the first phase, the Radiotherapy-Oncology Clinic Center began installing and equipping modern appliances and appliances.

At present, the Gilan Oncology Center is equipped with two Siemens accelerators of Germany and an electronics of the United Kingdom with the ability to treat electrons for surface tumors and the use of MLC colimites for precise treatment, along with a computer-aided design system of CorePLAN based on CT Simulation and fixation devices Includes complete set of Orfit and BlockCutter and thermoplastic. The center has tried to provide patients in a relaxed and pleasant environment, in addition to providing full health facilities in terms of facilities.

At present, the Radiation Therapy-Oncology Clinic has been exploited at the Gilan Oncology Center, but the design of the facility has made it possible for all physicians and people involved in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer to be involved. In the next stage, the conference hall with capacity and facilities It will be open to teachers and practitioners from different groups in the field of cancer diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and prevention as conferences and lectures by professors. One of the facilities of the center is the possibility of video conferencing with The professors of this field will be abroad. Also, Mr Dr. Najafi will be the prosecutor of cancer treatment in the province for the treatment of patients in the department's chemotherapy department and will be set up in the near future in the early detection and screening of cancers, due to adequate physical space.

According to the available equipment and potential, this center is considered by one of the best centers of the country to be a visitor's expert, and it is trying to install the other equipment that is being added to the center in the near future. Dear fellow citizens and dear compatriots, At one center, they do not even go abroad for any medical treatment. On the other hand, due to the facilities of this center that are not located in the neighboring provinces and even the Caspian littoral countries, it is possible to have patients from other provinces and other countries, which will provide health tourism and boost this aspect of the treatment of cancer patients.

As mentioned above, one of the goals of the Gilan Oncology Center is to promote the level of scientific work of the colleagues and to use the views of the professors in the field of treatment and diagnosis of cancer. It also seeks to use faculty members in the field of oncology abroad whether in face-to-face or video conferencing sessions and lectures. In addition to the Center's plans for specialized medical and general medical groups, there are also educational programs for the general public for early diagnosis and screening of cancer, which, of course, "will change the vision of non-medical groups on cancer and diagnosis." Early on and in the long run will reduce the cost of treatment at the macro level. Soon, the Center's publication will be distributed to doctors and the general public with the aim of raising awareness and information on cancer treatment and diagnosis.

All cancers, including breast, gastrointestinal, thoracic, women, sarcoma, brain and spinal cord, tumors of the kidneys, skin tumors and other tumors will be treated at this center. One of the problems that exists in many parts of the country, including in the province of Guilan, is the lack of mutual understanding between the professors of various specialized disciplines in the decision-making for cancer patients. The center will soon be invited by various faculty members to make decisions about complicated patients, and all those who have been in some way in the patient's therapeutic phase will comment on their therapeutic conclusion.

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