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One of the benefits of oncology and radiotherapy centers is the availability of new generation accelerators with up-to-date equipment. Guilan Oncology Center is the first and most equipped cancer treatment center in the north of the country with two high-power linear accelerators. The process of radiotherapy treatment in various centers is typically performed using CT-simulation or CT simulation and then computer-based CT design based on CT. All patients at Gilan Oncology Center are fixed and fixed by special fixers, which are the best available worldwide, and then CT is performed by personnel in a proven condition. Following CT, the relevant information is processed by the computer into the design computer and is supervised by the physiotherapists at the design center and after consideration and approval of the physician for the patient is considered. After confirming the design of the treatment, the calculations for the treatment time in each treatment area are calculated and all the specifications are recorded on the treatment sheet. The patient is treated exactly under the same basic CT condition and treatment design. It should be noted that in these cases, the received radiation dose of all surrounding tissues is calculated and kept to a limit to avoid short-term and long-term complications of radiotherapy treatment.

Siemens Linear Accelerator
  Fortunately, with two different linear energy accelerators, it is possible to use photon energies of 18 MV and 6, 10, 15 as well as different electron energies, which makes it easy to design a treatment and have different components. . All the therapeutic advances made in the treatment of radiotherapy and the construction of new equipment to reduce the complications of treatment and dose to the healthy areas, while increasing the rate of radiation to the patient's tissue and tumor.
The design of the pelvic floor area with the help of shields designed and built for Siemens Linear Accelerator
  In many cases, the need for shield or the removal of radiation in a sensitive area is performed in the design of the treatment, which is done by the shields in the first device of the center. For example, in a disease that is treated in four directions, it is designed in all directions of Shield, which will reduce the dose received to healthy tissues.

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